Fully Awake


10th anniversary gala

As we celebrate our survivor-leaderS who
are bringing an end to sexual violence!

september 26, 2020 at 6-9 pm


Freely in Hope has equipped survivors of sexual violence to lead through their rewritten stories. Overcoming unspeakable violence, our alumnae are fully awake—influencing worldwide systematic change where communities of violence are transformed into communities of liberation.

LIDYA, Kenya
Class of 2018
BA in gender & development

Lydia is passionate about building platforms for survivors and advocates to be leaders in their communities. Born and raised in Kibera, East Africa’s largest slum, Lydia has experienced the effects of sexual violence, lack of education, and poverty first hand…

Now, as Freely in Hope’s Program Manager, she coordinates, designs, and implements programs that exemplify best practices on ending the cycle of sexual violence. Lydia has vast experience in program design, implementation, and community outreach. Her reach has extended from Kibera to Samburu, a rural desert region that still practices female genital mutilation. Lydia is passionate about mentoring young people—especially those affected by sexual violence. She equips survivors to unlock their potential into their calling.

ELENA, zambia
Class of 2020
BA in community development

Elena recently graduated with a BA in Community Development. As a Freely in Hope Fellow, she developed Super Girls Revolution, a program that equips, empowers, and supports girls from Kalingalinga, a township in Lusaka that has high rates of…

gang violence, prostitution, and poverty. From Zambia, Kenya, South Africa, and the United States, Elena has worked in multiple countries and cultures to share her story as a survivor of sexual violence and forced prostitution. Now, she serves as our Program Coordinator overseeing all of Freely in Hope’s programs in Zambia. From her own story of brokenness, she desires to give other girls life, hope, and an undying smile.

Jean, Zambia
Class of 2019
BA in Psychology

Jean’s passion for social justice stems from her personal experience of injustice and witnessing the same inequality across the globe. She holds an undergraduate degree in psychology and a minor in media studies. During her undergraduate studies, Jean …

volunteered at a juvenile facility and witnessed the gravity that broken systems have on the lives of the vulnerable. Her passion is exploring new policies which will help alleviate systems that perpetuate social injustice. She is currently interning with The Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission and works directly with the United Nations Ecumenical Women Initiative in New York City. Her dream of working for the UN will allow her to continue her mission of empowering women to bring critical changes to society.

M.B., Kenya
Class of 2017
BA in Communications

M.B. is passionate about creating safe spaces where survivors can share their stories with dignity. She is an experienced program designer and storyteller who has developed a curriculum for women in prostitution and co-developed a curriculum on Art …

and Healing. She also runs a program in rural villages that uses expressive art to educate at risk children and teenagers on the realities of sexual violence and human trafficking. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in the United States. Her dream is to see a day when violence will be but history, when girls will be protected with dignity, and when all of our wounds will heal and pain will be no more.

What to expect

This year’s gala features empowering art, enlightening conversations, and inspiring visions presented by Freely in Hope alumna from Kenya and Zambia. Come experience the leadership, vision, and hope that our alumnae are bringing to the world.






Your support will help us reach our $200,000 goal, expand our vision of disseminating survivor-leadership models around the world! Join us in equipping survivors and advocates to end to the cycle of sexual violence!

SUGGESTED ATTIRE: Color blocking, Business Casual
Mix and match solid bold colors to make a statement and stand out as someone who stands up against sexual violence. Need inspiration?

The Coffee Bar, provided by Motivat Coffee Roasters, opens at 5:30 PM

About the Fully Awake Concept

This photographic project discusses femininity, female empowerment, and light from darkness through a series of conceptual portraits. The goal of this series is to emphasize the strength, power, and dignity of survivors who are “Fully Awake”. As a result, they are building a violence-free world. Julien Saquing is a fashion & beauty photographer based in San Francisco with an eye for detail and a heart for freedom. You can view his work at:

Limited edition prints will be available for sale.
other speakers include
Nicole lim
founder & international director

Nikole is the Founder and International Director of Freely in Hope. Her vision is to equip survivors and advocates to lead in ending the cycle of sexual violence — believing that they will be the ones to bring us all into liberation. At the 10th Anniversary Gala, Nikole will be releasing her first book, Liberation is Here: Women uncovering hope in a broken world.

bigad shaban,
nbc investigative correspondent

Bigad is an award-winning investigative reporter for NBC Bay Area. His work has been recognized with a George Foster Peabody award and six Emmy awards. Bigad is a Freely in Hope Board Member.

janai marshall,

From Washington DC, Janai is a live painter and spoken word artist. She has a Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling and focused her research on women who are sexually traumatized. Come see her beautiful art through words and paint performed live!



Liberation Is Here is the story of Nikole Lim’s journey as an idealistic freelance filmmaker. Her career allowed her to step in and out of the lives of people who had been marginalized around the world. But when confronted with the prevalence of sexual violence in Kenyan and Zambian communities, she commits to advocating alongside the courageous survivors whose lives have intersected with her own.

These women’s powerful stories inspire her to embark on a new vocation, partnering with survivors of sexual violence to launch Freely in Hope—a nonprofit organization that equips survivors to lead through their rewritten stories. 

But as Lim seeks to provide liberation for the survivors she served, her perspective is altered. Exhausted and deathly ill, she witnesses how they become her healers—the once oppressed become her liberators.

From the slums of Nairobi, hospitals of Lusaka, killing fields of Kigali, and the back alleys of Barcelona, Lim weaves together stories presenting a narrative of God’s grace and healing amid fear and trauma. Her journey proves that liberation is not just near, but it is here—in the eyes of the broken, the hearts of the oppressed, and the untold stories of our global community.



Because of the generous support of donors and partners like you, Freely in Hope will be able to equip 27 survivors of sexual violence through scholarships this year. Through their leadership, our impact is projected to reach over 3,000 people through our sexual violence prevention programs. It is our goal to continue doing this impactful work, making a difference in our world. Please consider becoming an event sponsor, offering an in-kind donation, or purchasing tickets and/or a table at our event.


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Ten years ago, we began to envision a world that was free of sexual violence.

Through the powerfully transformative stories of survivors of sexual violence, we equipped their dreams through education, leadership, and storytelling—creating a platform for their voices which were full of beauty amidst brokenness. Deep within the slums across Kenya, we learned of the plight of girls and young women affected by sexual violence. Their courage, tenacity, and hope  inspire us daily. Their dreams have become ours.

Their dreams of arising from violent oppression, achieving their educational goals, and encouraging others through their rewritten stories drive our programs. We provide holistic education, helping our university scholars achieve degrees in law, counseling psychology, broadcast journalism, business, and education. We equip survivors and advocates to lead through our Leadership Development programs. Our Storytelling Platforms support over 3,000 people across Kenya, Zambia, and South Africa by providing a safe space for women and girls to learn about leadership, trauma healing, spiritual formation, legal rights, entrepreneurship, and violence prevention.

We invite you to join us in the fight against sexual violence—celebrating and equipping the dreams of the young women of Freely in Hope. May their dreams become yours as well.

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7th Anniversary GALA

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